I deliver brand cohesion

What I Do

In a nutshell...

I partner with brands, individuals and agencies to deliver visual marketing content that's functional, cohesive and sale-generating.

But why?

Most brands lack cohesion. And not through any fault of their own. My mission is to guide and support brands to access their own cohesive approach to their content marketing. Cohesion brings with it a much stronger brand presence, but more importantly, a user experience that your customers and audience will appreciate and remember. Motion Refind exists to make your world, visually cohesive.

How are you different?

It's a fair question. My approach to the creative process is widely the same as many other creatives and agencies. But I do feel like I add a little extra by my philosophy and believe that the agency model is dead. Cutting out the 'account manager' and working directly with the creatives. Not hiding the magic of a creative process and being fully transparent. Yes everyone uses Wordpress temples and charges you as if they have designed it from scratch. This is not cool! Beautiful cohesive marketing is accessible to every brand and business. You need not be left with light purses, or an abundance of questions surrounding how things actually get done, and how much those things cost.
I make brands happy

"Is there anything worse for an entity, than to be split and disunited? Or anything better than cohesion and unity?" - Plato

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