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September 20, 2021

ello and welcome to this shiny new blog. First, let me quickly introduce myself for context: My name is Tom and I have been working in visual marketing all my professional life. I am still only in my 30's mind you, but I do have some years under my belt. My background is video and motion design, but through my ventures I have developed a strong awareness of all things content marketing. From inbound funnels to enhancing the user journey to website design and branding. During that time I have developed a huge passion for all things visual content marketing. Yes, it is a little vague but essentially, I love a good-looking brand, and I love a brand that knows how to perform well on social media and online. This is where the majority of your audience will be spending most of their time…mostly.

I’ve been wanting to do a blog for a very long time. I have been very good at putting it off too. With the long-awaited launch of my new website and brand evolution, it is 100% the right and best time to do this. My whole purpose, or rather the purpose of Motion Refind is to support brands and businesses with their content marketing requirements. I've learned over the years that so many people are led to believe certain things, which frankly are not true. For example, A good website is expensive, posting regular social content takes a lot of time, social media marketing doesn't work, agencies don't use WordPress or Webflow templates, everything is expensive and so on and so on.

This blog is about revealing some truths about the content creation process.

So, with that being said, here are just a few of the questions and topics we will be exploring together to give you an idea if this blog is for you and your business or brand:

  • What really matters to your followers?
  • Should you buy followers?
  • What content should I be posting?
  • Do I need to hire a professional to create content?
  • Inward or outward-facing content?
  • Are you adding real value?
  • Does paid work?
  • Should I still be using email marketing?
  • I just need to get on social media...HELP?
  • Don't take yourself too seriously...man!
  • Is video marketing really that powerful?
  • Hints and tips on how to create great content for your audience.
  • Explore and introduce you to new platforms, apps and free services that enhance your visual output.
  • General cool visual marking things.

This blog WILL help you find new heights in your efforts with growing your online audience and improving your user journey. I will also help you to gain a more relevant and authentic audience who will genuinely be interested in what you do, how you do it and WHY you do it! (We will be exploring the importance of your 'Why' and why is so important for your marketing approach in a later instalment).

I care about brands and I am passionate about how people interact with them

It's nothing that hasn't already been said I'm sure, but it's true. I'm a brand nerd, and it doesn't matter if you make air conditioning units or fly people to space...there is ALWAYS content for every sector, product, service, and audience. This is what I am here to do, help you find your visual content flow.

"We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in, and be what people are interested in". - Craig Davis, former Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson.

In summary:

  • Use this blog to help you with your own visual content needs
  • Ask me anything if you ever need help
  • This blog is designed for you specifically, to help grow your brand and your audience online and on social
  • It really isn't difficult to start creating simple, effective content for your channels
  • Don't be scared
  • Don't delay
  • Be encouraged
  • Be inspired
  • Be motived

This blog is going to be your guide, your Sam to your Frodo, your Robin to your Batman, your Tales to your Sonic, your Wise to your Morecambe, your Rodney to your Del Boy, your Saunders to your French...well you get the point. I really want you to be able to use what is in this blog and take some positive steps to create some great visual content for your brand and your audience. If you have any questions at all, just DM me, you can reach me via the 'Contact' page on this website, or you can follow me on my various social channels that you can find in the footer.

So, buckle up people, this journey is about to get started and I really hope you come along for the ride. I am in no doubt you will be able to take something positive from this content and be able to apply it to your own marketing platforms, funnels, and strategies. And of course, if you need any help, you know where I am 😁

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